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Managed Security Services are essential for enterprises who either can't or choose not to handle their security monitoring tasks. For multinational enterprises, it is vital to have a security service provider with the capability to gather global threat intelligence. As a service provider, you want to be the first to know when the systems of your clients have been publicly compromised so that you can shorten the time it takes to respond. Moreover, you need to make sure that your own infrastructure is secure.

Threat intelligence as a service

In addition to the traditional monitoring and incident response capabilities, threat intelligence based managed security services are increasingly demanded by enterprises. There is a wealth of information available related to your own assets and the assets of your clients. Using this information for tracking for compromises and risk exposure from an external perspective is just as relevant as monitoring network security devices and SIEM systems. The objective is to reach better security, and already known compromises offer an excellent starting point for this work.

How can you effectively collect the threat intelligence that is relevant for you and your clients? How can you utilize it in your security operations center to provide improved services? Good news is that national cyber security authorities can often provide this information within their country. However, there is a need for someone to aggregate this global data from public and commercial sources for multinational corporations so that they can gather all the information that they need.
open source and commercial vendors can also provide high-quality threat intelligence. You need a way to collect and normalize the data from many different sources and make it available for your experts. We help you collect all the intelligence that you need for your operations.

Automated threat intelligence

You also need to make sure that the intelligence is available for your staff so that they can see patterns across all of your clients while maintaining a data separation between them. Using automation is a key to this problem as there is too much information to process it manually. Often, you may have a better understanding than your client about their network infrastructure. This knowledge is essential when you set out to filter threat intelligence for the parts that map to your clients. We have developed our solution to perform the mapping automatically so that your threat intelligence is put into your operational context.

Two-way information flow

For the clients that want to buy relevant threat intel from you, you need a method to share it automatically. Also, your client needs a way to receive and make it operational, and provide you with feedback on their sightings. We provide the Arctic Node product for connecting clients to your threat intel database and enable them to give feedback on how useful that information was. To augment this capability, we also provide network sensors that can use the threat intelligence directly for monitoring purposes. Feedback channel between Arctic Hub and Node allows you to effectively validate and strengthen the intelligence that you have, and improve the services that you provide.

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Arctic Hub

Arctic Hub enables you to automate your cyber threat intelligence cycle where raw threat data is turned into actionable threat intelligence. This ensures you get the threat information collected, harmonized and disseminated in a timely and effective manner.

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