Helping you with Threat Intelligence based Cyber Defense

Actionable Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence helps you to identify attacks, attackers and their victims.

With us you collect these Indicators of Compromise, get alerted and take automated actions.


AbuseSA is our feed-agnostic threat intelligence platform. It empowers you to accelerate abuse detection, focus remediation efforts, and ultimately secure your network from external threats.

Turn Threat Data into Intelligence

By monitoring internal and external network threat data, AbuseSA accurately highlights incidents that pose real risk to your network. In fact, AbuseSA data sources typically have a near zero false positive.

Turn Intelligence into Action

Our platform aggregates, normalizes, and correlates data from a broad range of threat intelligence feeds distributed by leading security companies and voluntary organizations. AbuseSA can also tap into internal resources, connecting data resources and creating a unified and collaborative report on threat incidents and indicators. When necessary you will be alerted to take action.

Be Aware

AbuseSA automatically generates incident reports and visualizes the state of threats on your network so that you can zoom in on what matters, quickly understand the threats, and who is responding to them, and who isn’t!