Don't be alone in cyber.

What we do

Get cyber threat intelligence from the ones who know to the ones who need to know

Our mission is to help you get organized in cyber defense. We want to get both cyber security centers and other cyber officials connected with companies and help them share the critical threat information between each other.

We help turn raw cyber threat data into harmonized threat intelligence. We create tools to automate the collection, harmonization, processing and distribution of threat intelligence. With Arctic Security products vital threat information will be shared from the ones who know to the ones that need to know.

Company is based in Finland and our team has extensive experience in working in the cyber threat intelligence industry.

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Arctic Hub is our cyber threat intelligence product that helps automate the cyber threat information gathering, harmonizing and distributing it to the right stakeholders. It has been designed for organizations and authorities in charge of cybersecurity.

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Arctic Node is our upcoming product that helps companies collect security threat information from central organizations using Arctic Hub or any other reliable source and distribute that further in their network.

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