Reduce time to detection and find vulnerable services.

Get observed reports of compromised machines communicating outside your network and vulnerable services that are exposed to the internet so you can fix these issues.

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Improve your cyber security

You can decrease your cyber security risk by getting organized.  Get alerts as soon as 3rd party has observed an infected machine communicating outside your network or when a service is vulnerable. You will be aware of the known threats and can protect against them.

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Get connected to cyber threat information

Internet is full of broken or compromised devices. They exist in homes, enterprises and governmental entities. There is a lot of information available about these problems. Lack of information is not the problem. You are not alone. You just need to get connected to the correct insight.

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Know what you need to fix

Problem is that there are known issues that are not fixed. And there are known threats that companies and officials do not protect themselves against. We help bring the essential cyber threat information from the ones who know to the ones who need to know. This way the problems can be fixed and your resilience against cyber threats increased.

Decrease the risk of cyber attacks

Cyber criminals are constantly looking to find vulnerable services in your network to exploit. Arctic Security can help you find these vulnerable services quicker so they can be patched or mitigated. This takes that opportunity away from the criminals.

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Capability and motivation of a threat actor

You never have full visibility on the capabilities and motivations of threat actors. You may only observe the capabilities they have already exploited. You can do this by reactive methods, such as firewalls, or proactive methods, such as malware analysis or sandboxing.

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How to affect the opportunity

Opportunity is the only thing you offer to the threat actor. That is also the only thing that you can influence on by prevention and detection. This you can do by security audits, red teaming, vulnerability scanning and indicator sharing. The most effective way in taking away the opportunity is to create and deploy an automated threat intelligence cycle.

Get organized through defense cells

Our mission is to help you get organized in cyber defense through defense cells. We want to get both cyber security centers and other cyber officials connected with companies and help them share the critical threat information between each other.

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Defense cell hub shares information

At the heart of a defense cell there is a hub that receives and shares the essential threat information. A hub can typically be a national computer emergency response team or a commercial cyber security center. Or, in large companies their own cyber defense center can act as a hub and deliver the information to the other units.

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Defense cell nodes receive and use the information

The role of the nodes in the defense cell is to collect the critical cyber threat information from their hub or other sources and act accordingly. For example, companies that are providing critical infrastructure can protect against the cyber threats reported to them by a national cyber security center.

Get a free report of your security posture now to find out your organization’s situation in detail.

Currently, there are millions of compromised devices and vulnerable services running on the Internet. We provide you with a complimentary report that shows up the situation with your connected devices and networks.

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