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If you are working with the network security at an internet service provider you certainly have faced many security breaches and vulnerabilities that affect your customers. Maybe you have already considered on how to inform your subscribers on those in a meaningful way.

In order to get a better grasp on the cyber threats you should first get a clear picture on what kind of threats you are facing and understand who of your customers are under the risk. Only by informing the specific information to the right audiences you get the right corrective actions taken place. Moreover, you don't want to get your customers worried about all the cyber threats in the world if their networks are not under the immediate risk.

Threat intelligence also helps you prioritize your work and act on the incidents in the correct order.

The most effective way in deploying a threat intelligence process in your organization would be to automate it. The best automation tools collect and harmonize the threat data for you and even map it and share it to the right customers without you needing to worry about any of that. Yet, you stay in control of your data as it is you who selects which information sources, such as threat data feeds, you want to activate and which information to share to which of your customers.

Once you start notifying your customers to take action based on the known cyber threats it is a good practice to test the best way to get your customers to act on the received data. Intelligence is only as valuable as the number of concrete actions it leads to.

To utilize threat intelligence even further in your organization you may want to choose to integrate it in your helpdesk software. Then, your customer service personnel could see which vulnerabilities their customers are facing and give immediately the right instructions for them on how to fix their issues.

Often, after taking an automated threat intelligence process in use an ISP sees a significant drop in vulnerable services, maintenance overhead and even in customer churn. Doesn't that sound like a nice outcome and worth a try?

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