MozCyber 2018

From the perspective of a Finnish company, traveling out to Mozambique 9600 kilometers away from Helsinki is not an easy task. We were, however, excited to make the trip halfway across the world to participate in the first national cyber security conference ever organized in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. 

We were impressed by the organization of this conference, as well as we were received in an exceptional way by the people involved in its creation. We congratulate all of them.

As we have been in a lucky position to work with a number of national CERT teams around the globe, we felt positive about the potential of sharing our unique perspective and experiences that have come out of that work. 

On the first day of the conference our stand was buzzing with activity and we had a pleasure to meet the minister of Transportation of Mozambique, Dr. Carlos Mesquita, who spent a moment at our booth and surprised us with his skills in the Finnish language. The first day was topped of by a formal gala dinner where our representative was invited to sit with the minister and his entourage.

On the second day, we gave a presentation titled “Leveling the playing field”, which shed light on how to build national level defense cells in practice and how Arctic Security has been able to help many countries with our product offering. 

Also during our stay in Maputo we had the opportunity to meet an amazing community from different sectors like financial, ISP and University, all of them committed to build a better cybersecurity for their citizens.

All in all, the trip was a great experience and we hope to visit Maputo again for the conference in 2019.

In the above picture the Minister of Transportation of Mozambique, Dr. Carlos Mesquita, is visiting the Arctic Security stand.


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