Arctic Security adds Akamai and Group-IB threat feed integrations in their cyber threat intelligence products

Arctic Security adds Akamai and Group-IB threat feed integrations in their cyber threat intelligence products

Arctic Security, a Finland based cyber security company, adds Akamai and Group-IB cyber threat feed integrations in their Arctic Hub and Arctic Node threat intelligence products.

Both Akamai and Group-IB operate world-wide and offer leading knowledge on the cyber threats around the world. In addition, Arctic Security continues to support plenty of other commercial threat feeds, such as Blueliv, Fitsec, OpenPhish, Team Cymru and Zone-h, as well as a range of open source threat feeds.

Threat feeds provide important input for Arctic Security customers who have a full control over which feeds they select to use and how. The feeds help both threat intelligence sharing organizations, such as commercial or national cyber security centers, as well as enterprises have a better understanding on the cyber threats around them. Arctic Hub harmonizes the threat data collected from multiple sources, maps it to the right customers and shares it automatically to be immediately actionable for the companies. The enterprises get to know exactly which cyber threats they are facing and which issues, such as vulnerable services, they need to fix.

David Chartier, CEO at Arctic Security, comments: “With the recent additions of Akamai and Group-IB threat feeds we are happy to reach close to 100 feed integrations in our Arctic Hub and Arctic Node products. We feel it is important to have a big selection of feeds for our customers to choose from so that they can customize the best cyber threat intelligence for their needs.”

“Actionable and up-to-date threat intelligence is a backbone of successful cyber defense strategy. It enables companies to better prepare for the attacks in advance, keep up with evolving hackers’ tactics and tools and always be a few steps ahead. The expertise from our analysts, unique topology and threat actor centric approach to our research is exactly the value we are going to bring to Arctic’s customers under the new cooperation,” – highlights Nicholas Palmer, VP of International Business at Group-IB.

Lars Engdahl, Akamai Regional Sales Manager adds: “Arctic Security brings specialist knowledge and expertise to threat intelligence. They can further customize the unique, high quality data feeds that Akamai provides from interacting with billions of client devices every day, as the world’s largest Content Delivery Network. This combination will help customers make improved security decisions based on the actionable data provided by Arctic Security”.

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March 19th, 2019

Arctic Security and Surevine add integrations to boost threat intelligence sharing and collaboration

Cybersecurity incidents and new regulation are driving authorities and enterprises to invest more in threat intelligence sharing and collaboration. To support this effort Arctic Security and Surevine have integrated their solutions for swift and effective incident detection, response and prevention.

February 28th, 2019

Arctic Security closes a funding round with prominent Finnish investors to accelerate growth

Arctic Security is proud to announce a follow-on investment to the company’s series A round by notable private entrepreneurs and investors Mikko Kodisoja, Ilkka Paananen and Georg Ehrnrooth. The new investors’ expertise in global growth companies strengthens Arctic Security’s investor base which also includes original investor CapMan Growth. The additional funds will be used to accelerate the company’s international growth in the cyber security market.

December 13th, 2018

Arctic Security Launches Arctic Node To Help Enterprises Increase Their Cyber Security

Arctic Security, a Finland based cyber security company, launches Arctic Node software product that helps enterprises use threat intelligence to increase their cyber security. Arctic Node completes the product family that also includes Arctic Hub software that is targeted for threat intelligence sharing organizations. Arctic Hub collects, harmonizes and disseminates threat intelligence from various sources. Furthermore, it automates getting the right customized information to the right audience in a timely manner. Now, with Arctic Node enterprises can easily collect the relevant threat intelligence from their preferred sources, such as from a national or commercial cyber security center.

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