Arctic Security and KPMG in Singapore Sign MOU to Train the Next Generation of Cyber Security Talent

Arctic Security and KPMG in Singapore have signed a one- year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), with both parties agreeing to collaborate by using Arctic Security’s Arctic Hub Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) platform to train cyber security professionals on cyber threats detection and response in the KPMG cyber war gaming training lab.

Under the terms of the MOU, Arctic Security and KPMG in Singapore will collaborate using the Arctic Hub CTI Platform and the facilities at KPMG’s Cyber lab, along with KPMG’s expertise in digital forensics and incident response. This will give trainees an environment to simulate actionable threat intelligence and incidences.

Conducted by the KPMG Business School, the simulations and training will enable cyber security professionals to become better prepared for dealing with cyber incidents while developing a better understanding of the global cyber threat landscape. This will help to improve their organisation’s cyber security posture.

According to data from KPMG’s CEO Outlook 2018, almost half of CEOs polled in Singapore believe that cyber security was their biggest threat to growth over the next three years. They also believed that becoming a victim of cyber-attack is not a question of “if”, but “when”. While half of CEOs polled indicated they were prepared for a future cyber-attack – just 31 percent were confident of identifying a cyber threat.

“Today’s cyber security landscape is evolving at an incredible speed and the requirement for cyber security talent pool is increasing rapidly. Through this collaboration with KPMG in Singapore, we hope to develop and nurture the next generation of cyber security talent, by providing them with appropriate training and knowledge. We look forward to extending customised collaborations with other institutions in Singapore in the near future,” said David Chartier, CEO, Arctic Security.

Eddie Toh, Partner, Cyber security, KPMG in Singapore said, “We welcome this collaboration with Arctic Security. Using real-time data and scenarios for training conducted in our Cyber Lab will lend a sense of realism to the training and benefit professionals who are looking to strengthen their overall enterprise cyber defence strategy.”

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January 15th, 2019

Arctic Security adds Akamai and Group-IB threat feed integrations in their cyber threat intelligence products

Arctic Security, a Finland based cyber security company, adds Akamai and Group-IB cyber threat feed integrations in their Arctic Hub and Arctic Node threat intelligence products. Both Akamai and Group-IB operate world-wide and offer leading knowledge on the cyber threats around the world. In addition, Arctic Security continues to support plenty of other commercial threat feeds, such as Blueliv, Fitsec, OpenPhish, Team Cymru and Zone-h, as well as a range of open source threat feeds.

December 13th, 2018

Arctic Security Launches Arctic Node To Help Enterprises Increase Their Cyber Security

Arctic Security, a Finland based cyber security company, launches Arctic Node software product that helps enterprises use threat intelligence to increase their cyber security. Arctic Node completes the product family that also includes Arctic Hub software that is targeted for threat intelligence sharing organizations. Arctic Hub collects, harmonizes and disseminates threat intelligence from various sources. Furthermore, it automates getting the right customized information to the right audience in a timely manner. Now, with Arctic Node enterprises can easily collect the relevant threat intelligence from their preferred sources, such as from a national or commercial cyber security center.

November 22nd, 2018

Arctic Security helps companies reduce their cyber threats with free and open source threat feeds

Arctic Security, a Finland based cyber security company, helps companies reduce their cyber threats by utilizing a range of free and open source threat feeds. The threat feeds collect and distribute up-to-date information about cyber threats. Companies that use this data get a better visibility to the cyber threats around them and know which issues they need to fix in their network. This way they can remarkably increase the level of their cyber security. The problem is, however, that today only a few companies are doing this extensively and systematically, by using multiple independent sources for their threat intelligence.

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