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Arctic NODE

Know what you need to fix

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Arctic Node
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Improve your cyber security

Arctic Node collects the cyber threat intelligence from Arctic Hub or other relevant sources and helps you become more resilient in cyber security.

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Automate your information flows

Whenever you get information on critical issues in your own network you know what you need to fix immediately. To make the process even smoother you can automate some of the information flows by integrating Arctic Node to your existing security information and event management systems.

avoid node

Be aware of cyber threats

Arctic Node gives you information on cyber threats around you. You can use this information to make sure your network traffic, logs and security devices do not show indications of those threats. Integration to network security sensors helps you automate monitoring your network traffic.

strengthen node

Strengthen your defense cell

Users of Arctic Node can strengthen their defense cell by giving information back to their Hub. For example, you can validate the received data by confirming a sighting of a malware URL or a command and control server. Or, you can inform your Hub about the new threats you have found.

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Key Features

threat feed

Integrated with threat intelligence feeds and platforms

Arctic Node can collect threat intelligence directly from a cyber security center or other central operator using Arctic Hub. In addition, there are around 100 integrations to both commercial and open source threat feeds available out-of-the-box in Arctic Node. You are in control to choose which of them you want to activate in your use. Or, you can even choose to integrate Arctic Node with your existing threat intelligence platform.

Here are some of the examples of the integrations that are available in Arctic Node out-of-the-box:

cyber resilience

Integrated with security sensors

Arctic Node can be integrated to security sensors. It helps improve your network security once you deploy sensors that can automatically receive the latest cyber threat data in their use. The sensors can alert you whenever suspicious traffic is detected.

Arctic Node supports the following network security sensors:


Integrated with SIEM

Arctic Node can be integrated to your existing security information and event management systems. By getting the up-to-date threat intelligence to your SIEM you get better analysis of your logs and find out the issues.


Integrated with incident response platforms and ticketing

To improve the speed of fixing the critical issues in your network you can choose to automate the information flows even further by integrating Arctic Node with your incident response platforms and ticketing systems.


Get situational awareness

Arctic Node dashboard shows you real-time information on the threats you have faced. This gives you situational awareness and you can follow up on the trends how your cyber security has improved over time.

Use cases for Arctic Node

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Arctic Hub

Arctic Hub enables you to automate your cyber threat intelligence cycle where raw threat data is turned into actionable threat intelligence. This ensures you get the threat information collected, harmonized and disseminated in a timely and effective manner.

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