The Current Cyber Security Landscape of Finnish Companies

January 18, 2021

In Finland, the number of data breaches has doubled within the past two years, as announced in a recent study by ETLA Economic Research Institute of Finland. Finnish companies reported data breaches three times more than the average number across the European countries in 2019. Most incidents reported in Finland related to scams and phishing attacks, data breaches, malware, and vulnerabilities.

Focus on Fixing Cyber Security Issues - Let Automation do the Observing

Realization of threats damage companies legally, reputationally, and financially, as we have seen from the news recently. By ETLA, two-thirds of cyber security companies in Finland are short-handed on skilled employees. It’s not just companies; both the public and private sectors struggle with the lack of professional security experts as well. Finland invests heavily in digitalization. However, a question arises that do these efforts sufficiently cover the increasing demand for cyber security expertise.

Finding and fixing cyber security problems is a slow and expensive process, especially when it is mainly carried out by humans. But, why use the existing human resources to find issues as they can also be observed and notified about automatically. Arctic Security’s products collect, process and harmonize real-time data about security issues worldwide for our customers’ benefit. Together with partners, Arctic Security provides services that let organizations automatically know about security issues affecting them. Companies can concentrate on fixing the problems they are notified about. 

The key today is to utilize human resources efficiently. It can save you a lot of time when you automatically receive information about threats that concern your systems. Cyber professionals’ most time-consuming work tasks usually include searching and monitoring potential threats and vulnerabilities as well as managing and analyzing them. When problems are automatically found and continuously reported to concerned companies, employees can focus on the most relevant work tasks: fixing them as soon as possible to minimise potential damage. 

Cyber security experts are hard to find today. Many companies outsource their security management to mitigate this challenge, which, however, often leads to a loss of visibility to what happens in their network infrastructure. It is essential that all involved entities know the current situation and can act accordingly. We can help companies understand how to utilize their experts to stop threats before they harm organizations. On the other hand, the same information provided by the Arctic Security services can also be used to validate that the observed threats have been properly dealt with and the recovery is complete. Arctic Security’s solutions enable all your relevant people to know when you have security issues, and what you need to do is just to fix them.


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