Arctic Node is our upcoming product that helps companies receive security threat information from central organizations using Arctic Hub or any other reliable source and distribute that further in their network.

Arctic Node helps entities to get organized into Defense Cells. Together with its counterpart product, Arctic Hub, it facilitates automation for defense where cyber threat intelligence flows from its original sources to the front line of cyber defense and is placed into real use in monitoring and detection.

Arctic Node is ideal for protecting networks and assets of enterprises and organizations that are in close co-operation with cyber security authorities. The product is fluent with operations in Defense Cells up to the national level, and it is designed for seamless integration with our Arctic Hub. This helps authorities and entities in information sharing positions build efficient and automated sharing of threat indicators and observations to their stakeholders.

These stakeholders can use the Arctic Node to get the best out of threat intelligence by integrating it further with their existing security infrastructure - enabling known threats to be correlated against real activity, effectively taking the opportunity away from the threat actor. The Arctic Node integrates easily with your existing security infrastructure such as SIEM Firewalls, IDS’s, Orchestration Platforms and Incident Response Systems.

The Arctic Node is set to launch later in 2018.