Arctic Hub is our next generation cyber threat intelligence product that helps automate the cyber threat information gathering, harmonizing and distributing it to the right stakeholders. It has been designed for organizations and authorities in charge of cybersecurity.

Arctic Hub brings you all the capabilities of our previous AbuseSA product added with new features and integrations. You can use it to become a hub of cyber threat intelligence in your Defense Cell which includes your constituents and stakeholders.

Arctic Hub is used for sharing vital information that needs to be shared from the ones who know, to the ones that need to know. Arctic Hub is applicable in different contexts, big or small.

We have a practice-proven track record of operating in nation-wide and nation-to-nation information sharing, which can be about sharing threat indicators and network abuse observations between a national CERT/CSIRT team and the Critical Infrastructure Enterprises in a country, operations within an ISP or MSSP enterprise, or a joint international venture between any group of entities with a shared agenda in cyber security.

Whatever defines your Defense Cell - you can become a hub and start leveling the playing field between the adversaries and defenders.

Arctic Hub is available for orders now.