Arctic Security helps turn Threat Data into Intelligence

At Arctic Security, we focus on actionable threat intelligence and seek to automate the collection, harmonization, processing and distribution of that information, so that your analysts can concentrate on the tasks that require creativity and the human touch.

Our devoted team is composed of international experts with extensive knowledge and experience in working in the cyber threat intelligence industry. We are determined and committed to help our critical infrastructure customers from North America to Asia, and to support our customers in creating communities of information sharing.

We work together with national cybersecurity authorities who consume a wide variety of high-quality data sources. Based on our experiences and understanding your use cases, we can provide you with recommendations on which additional resources would be the best ones to compliment your efforts.

Our organization is led by CEO David Chartier, a long term cyber security professional with high achievements in industry direction and understanding its phenomenas.

Arctic Security has offices in San Francisco, Singapore, Helsinki and Oulu, Finland.